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Love your lips but aren’t feeling the love in return?

Love your lips but aren’t feeling the love in return? You’re not alone! Often, I see clients who are experiencing small comedones (clogged pores, otherwise known as blackheads or whiteheads) on the lips, vermillion border of the lips and just below the corners of the mouth on either side. This does not have to happen […]

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Got helmet? Got breakouts? Surprise!

Sometimes the obvious just isn’t obvious. For example, over the last month or so (and honestly, every year right about the same time), many of my clients and friends have been saying that they are suddenly breaking out on their foreheads and/or under their chins and ears. Seeing as how it is full-on bike season […]

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Hormonal breakouts! What can I do?

I often have clients ask me what they can do about that annoying little break out that usually occurs with their menstrual cycle or during periods of stress. There a several causes; however, they can usually be managed or completely controlled by using just a few key supplements and skin care techniques. What causes acne? […]

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