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Is Microblading for you? Things to consider…

I’m sure you’ve heard of Microblading by now, as it has been gaining momentum since around 2015, even though this service and technique have been around well over 15 years. The technique itself refers to the crisp hair strokes that can be achieved by using ultra fine needles, typically and conventionally found in a hand […]

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Love your lips but aren’t feeling the love in return?

Love your lips but aren’t feeling the love in return? You’re not alone! Often, I see clients who are experiencing small comedones (clogged pores, otherwise known as blackheads or whiteheads) on the lips, vermillion border of the lips and just below the corners of the mouth on either side. This does not have to happen […]

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Wedding Make Up Tips for Brides in Colorado

Summit County brides-to-be often ask me for recommendations on wedding make up and how important it really is.  While often overlooked, your wedding makeup can be just as important as your dress when it comes to looking your absolute best for your special day.  You will want to find a Make Up Artist that specializes […]

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