Hormonal breakouts! What can I do?

The mystery of why you are breaking out doesn't have to go unsolved!

The mystery of why you are breaking out doesn’t have to go unsolved!

I often have clients ask me what they can do about that annoying little break out that usually occurs with their menstrual cycle or during periods of stress.

There a several causes; however, they can usually be managed or completely controlled by using just a few key supplements and skin care techniques.

What causes acne?

Acne of any sort, be it all over the face, just in the T-zone, or along the jawline has several common causes.


Bacteria cannot survive in an oxygenated pore. Regularly exfoliating with an enzyme mask removes dead skin cells thereby keeping the pore open and oxygenated and eliminating bacteria.

Another topical treatment of choice is Salicylic Acid. Not only does it help remove dead skin cells, but also dissolves excess oil and dirt without over drying. Since it is also anti-inflammatory, it can also be used as a spot treatment to quickly heal and calm a blemish if one should appear.

Treat yourself to a Purifying Facial at A Perfect Touch, where many of these techniques and more are used to clean, treat, oxygenate and heal the skin.

Overactive oil glands

Overactive oil glands and sticky oil production will contribute to acne as well.  Treating the body internally with additional Vitamin B5, B6 and Essential Fatty Acids will help control the quantity of oil being produced as well as the consistency.

If the oil your body produces is nice and thin, it will wick right up the hair follicle to the surface of the skin where it can be blotted off. If it is sticky, it will get stuck in the follicle, block the oxygen and give bacteria lots of “food” to munch on.


During times of stress or around a woman’s cycle, estrogen levels drop which creates a hormonal imbalance in favor of testosterone. When this occurs, an additional hormone (DHT) is triggered which causes the oil glands to go into overdrive in the chin and jawline area. Voila! A pimple!

To work around times of stress or hormonal imbalances, a few supplements can be taken to inhibit DHT production. If the oil glands can be prevented from going into overdrive, then there will be no break out to treat and one less thing to stress about.

The two best DHT blocking supplements are:

  1. Zinc Picolinate (or zinc monomethionine)- accelerates skin healing, stabilizes oil production by blocking DHT, calms inflammation…50 mg/day (5mg of Copper too as the two work together in the body)
  2. Saw Palmetto/Pygeum– help regulate the hormone (DHT) that stimulates the oil glands

Adding these supplements to your diet regularly or a few days before, during, and after menstruation can have a drastic effect on the improvement or reduction of breakouts with a hormonal or stress related cause.

Try one or a mixture of these supplements…

You may only need try one or two of these options to get a great result however, a combination of treatments will usually offer the best result.

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