Is Microblading for you? Things to consider…

Digital Microblading

Digital Microblading before and immediately after. Nothing but natural looking brows here!

I’m sure you’ve heard of Microblading by now, as it has been gaining momentum since around 2015, even though this service and technique have been around well over 15 years. The technique itself refers to the crisp hair strokes that can be achieved by using ultra fine needles, typically and conventionally found in a hand tool, with pigment being implanted more superficially into the skin than tradition permanent makeup. The technique itself is quite damaging to the skin however, as it involves making small slices in the epidermal layer of the skin and laying pigment down into these little slices, where the skin will then heal over. The result CAN be beautiful, naturally defined, wispy brows on the right skin type and in the hands of a skilled technician.  The result can also be much less than optimal, and may not be correctable.

Things to consider:

Potential downsides –

  • You may get a great first time result, if you have the ideal skin type, but as the results typically last 6 months to 24-26 months, and each additional application creates more scar tissue, you’ll end up with soft powdered brows in a few years anyway.
  • Oily skinned or thick skinned individuals are not a good candidate for micro bladed hair stroke brows for a few reasons;  very poor color retention due to the thickness of the skin, which means individuals will require more applications to get the desired outcome, hairs will blur quickly due to pore size.
  • Sensitive skinned individuals are not great candidates for traditional microblading as well;  typically produce more lymphatic fluid due to reactive nature of skin, bleed easier and bruise easier, all of which push implanted pigment out
  • Typically results in scar tissue with each application as the skin has literally been sliced, which triggers an emergent healing response leading to cross-hatched collagen and elastin bundles (scar tissue).
  • Individuals mush have at decent amount of their own brow hairs present for this look to appear natural on it’s own, without shading.

Potential benefits –

  • Color typically fades in 36 months or less, so it is less permanent than normal permanent makeup.  If you decide to change your brow shape as trends and styles change, you have that flexibility, to some extent, based on how much scarring resulted from the initial application.
  • If done properly, they do look very natural, the first time.
  • Dry skinned individuals typically have very good color retention in the short term and require few initial applications to get their desired result.

So, you might be asking why it appears as if I am not a fan of traditional microblading, because for an article on Microblading, I sure am quick to point out the downsides to this potentially awesome treatment. 🤔 The thing is, I myself, became increasingly disillusioned with the long term results of the technique, and therefore how it ultimately affected the end result and the “look” I originally set out to fulfill for my clients.

Well, the good news is that, after doing traditional Microblading for almost 15 years, and watching the results become less and less perfect with each additional application, I finally discovered a way to get all the benefits of Microbladed Brows, without any of the potential downsides! My clients and I couldn’t be any happier or more pleased with the results of this innovation in technique, and the immediate as well as the long-term results.  I feel I have to share this, because while the market is now saturated with Microblading technicians offering the traditional method of Microblading, there just didn’t seem to be much information about or many technicians offering Digital Microblading.

Digital Microblading is the wave of the future and A Perfect Touch is now offering a cutting edge technique that combines all the benefits of traditional, longer lasting, permanent makeup, with the wispy, natural look of micro bladed brows, and with very little to no scarring, great color retention, and a beautiful, natural looking, soft, yet expressive brow. With our patented Nano needles and fully Digital Technology, we can now achieve the finest, most natural looking hair strokes possible, with no damage to the skin tissues, better retention of the original shape and style, and longer lasting color retention because it is now more like traditional permanent makeup in its application.  Yay!!!   By combining Digital Hairstroke Brows with our variety of shading techniques too, including stippling, pointillism, and straight soft shading, you can now have Brows with WOW that last and remain truer to their shape and style over time.

We are now offering a variety of styles to suite any desired look, for almost any skin type:

Digital Microbladed Hairstroke Brows:  $550

Simple Shaded Brows:  $450

Ombre/Powder/Fancy Hollywood Shaded Brows:  $550

Hybrid Brows Soft (Hairstrokes plus Simple Shading):  $650

Hybrid Brows Fancy (Hairstroke Brows plus Fancy Shading):  $750

Digital Microblading really is the wave of the future and it is THE next generation of advancements in truly natural, yet beautifully perfected permanent makeup treatments for eyebrows. If you are searching for beautiful brows that remain true to their color, shape and style, yet have no interest in scarring or damaging your skin in the process, Digital Microblading may just be exactly what you’ve been looking for.  You CAN have the Brows you’ve always dreamed of having, thanks to Digital Microblading!

Schedule a consultation today to see just how Digital Microblading can help you achieve your dream Brows!

Peace, love, and Beautiful Brows,

A Perfect Touch 😘

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  1. Thank you for stating that when it comes to microblading, the color typically fades in 36 months or less, so it is less permanent than normal permanent makeup. I hate having to take the time every day to do my brows, and I’m not very good at them, so I’ve been considering getting mine microbladed. After learning more about microblading and all of its benefits, I will definitely further consider getting them done.

    • Karyn says:

      You’re most welcome. Digital Microblading will last longer and will be much less damaging to the skin over time. When it’s done properly, with long term results in mind, it can be quite beautiful and natural. 🙂

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