Men’s Skincare & Grooming Services

MENergizing health facial

Our invigorating MENergizing facial features Sanitas’ Men’s Skincare Line and is designed to improve damage from too much fun in the sun and deeply cleanse your skin. Surprise yourself with healthier skin!

[45 minutes / $70]


Gentle waxing techniques are used to remove unwanted face and body hair.  Waxing provides a longer lasting result with less likelihood of ingrown hairs or prickliness during regrowth.  All men’s hair removal and grooming services include cooling gel post waxing and can include a numbing gel prior to any waxing for added comfort.


  • Men’s Brow Wax — $8 – $18
  • Nose Wax — $8
  • Shoulder Wax — $15
  • Back Wax — $45
  • Chest Wax — $20 and up
  • Ear Waxing — $8
  • Neck/Hairline — $12 (This service is best scheduled prior to seeing your barber/stylist)
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