Wellness + Consultations

Holistic Wellness Consultation, 30 minutes ($35)

A comprehensive, individualized analysis of lifestyle, nutrition, and general health aimed at exploring all imbalances. Your practitioner will offer suggestions and answer questions in order to assist you in your goal of feeling, looking, and performing your best.

Holistic Wellness Consultation, 60 minutes ($65)

A more in-depth consultation aimed at finding solutions to skin, body and overall health problems and imbalances. Assessment tools include a thorough skin analysis, Chinese Face Mapping, and an Ayurvedic Dosha Assessment, if desired to give clients a better understanding of their individual conditions and solutions.

Product Consultation, 30 minutes ($35)

Questions about your products? Bring them in for an analysis of how effective they are, whether or not they may be clogging your pores, how to integrate all of your products into one routine or for answers to any of your product concerns.

Product Purchase Consultation, 30 minutes (complimentary with purchase)

Interested in trying out Sanitas Skincare or any other products we carry? Please use this complimentary appointment so that we have plenty of uninterrupted time for questions, suggestions, and how-to’s.

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