Wedding Make Up Tips for Brides in Colorado

Summit County brides-to-be often ask me for recommendations on wedding make up and how important it really is.  While often overlooked, your wedding makeup can be just as important as your dress when it comes to looking your absolute best for your special day.  You will want to find a Make Up Artist that specializes in Wedding Make Up and ideally, schedule a Trial Run Application and your Wedding Day Application.  There are a few little tips and tricks to help you help your Make Up Artist bring out the most beautiful you in person as well as in front of the camera. Following these handy tips and tricks will not only make your appointments go smoothly, but also and ultimately, help you achieve the “look” you want for your wedding day.

Preparing your skin in the months before your wedding with a good at-home skin care routine will really make a difference in how healthy and beautiful your skin looks on your big day. Gently exfoliating your face, neck, décolletage, and lips the day before your Make Up appointments will work wonders for how great your skin and therefore, make up will look as you walk down the isle. You will want to arrive to your appointments with a clean, moisturized face and freshly exfoliated lips for a longer-lasting, more natural Make Up application.  Being well hydrated will also add to the appearance and fresh glow of your skin as our Rocky Mountain climate can be a bit drying to even the healthiest of skins.

Having well-shaped eyebrows will really bring out your eyes when you look deeply into your Beloved’s eyes or into the photographer’s camera lens. The eyes are known to be the “window to the soul” and great brows will frame those lovely windows beautifully. Likewise, treating yourself to a Lash Tint a few days before your wedding will also really make your eyes stand out and makes your lashes waterproof and tear proof. No need to be fearful of tears ruining your Make-Up!

For your Trial Run appointment, there a few tips to get the most out of your appointment and really achieve the “look” you love:

–     Bring in pictures (magazine ads, photos of yourself, etc) that have the “look” you would like to achieve as well as any photos of yourself that you just love.

–       Bring in swatches or examples of your wedding colors, normal makeup palette, and desired colors for your wedding day, if any.

–       Arrive wearing a shirt that is the color of your dress.

–       Inform your Make Up Artist if you have any allergies or have ever had a reaction to any cosmetics, other ingredients or foods.

–       Bring along a digital camera. Your Make Up Artist can take photos from different distances and angles to give you a preview of how you will photograph on the big day J


Your Makeup Artist will take notes and chart the colors used during your Trial Run so that you have nothing left to worry about (at least as far as your make up goes!) on your actual wedding day.  For your Wedding Day Make Up Appointment, it is best to wear a loose, button up shirt. You may also want to bring straws for your drinking water so as not to smudge your lipstick. It is also advisable to purchase your lipstick or gloss and a small sample of your foundation for any touch-ups, should you need them.

The goal of any Wedding Make Up Artist is to help you look as wonderful as you feel on your big day. Following these handy tips on how to prepare for your Wedding Make Up Applications will help you and your Make Up Artist in bringing out the beauty of your absolutely fabulous self!

-Author, Karyn Blanco 2013


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