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It is with great pleasure that I am pleased to announce the reopening of A Perfect Touch! 

Boy, have I missed you all and missed doing the work that gives me purpose! It is such an honor and privilege to be the gal you turn to your for your beauty and skin health needs, and honestly, I have felt lost without you all, my clients, and friends. 😍

These are truly unprecedented times in my industry, and the world in general, but this time off has given me the opportunity to gain education, stay on top of the changes within the regulating agencies, and come up with a game plan that I feel relatively confident will keep my clients, your families, and my own family as safe and healthy as possible going forward. So, while some things are going to be a bit different for a while, I also have a staged plan for getting back to normal as quickly and as safely as possible.  This may be a heavy read, but I promise there are bonuses to reading all the way to the bottom!

So what’s new?

– the spa now has two HEPA 13, medical grade, air filtration systems that will completely turn the air over in the spa every 6 minutes. These filters catch 99.97% of bacteria, viruses, and other airborne offenders, and even post COVID, they will be a permanent addition to the spa because FRESH AIR ❤️!

– the spa is now using medical grade, OSHA approved, disinfectants that are approved for use against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. These hospital grade  disinfectants are more powerful than traditional solutions (which have always been used, but I felt the need to find something that was proven effective in regard to COVID-19, and also something better for the environment) but remain gentle on surfaces and equipment. They are biodegradable and non-irritating, which helps me promote safer, greener practices in the spa. Additionally, per DORA regulations, the spa air conditioning will be on at all times and will remain on for at least two hours after the last clients and myself have left the spa.

– I am only offering mask-on services until at least September 1, or until the numbers of  positive cases for COVID-19 start to drop dramatically in the county. I know this is a hard one, because we all just want a facial for crying out loud! What I am offering in the meantime to tide us over, is a $5 Facial-In-a-Bag Kit, customized just for you, after a quick tepehone or email consultation  to see where your skin is, so I know how to best suit your individual skincare needs and get you a booster to help you feel like your best self again.

– linens have been removed as much as possible, per DORA of Colorado regulations, but I have not compromised your comfort in the process. I’ve purchased  vinyl spa table covers that can be cleaned and disinfected between clients, but will still accommodate and protect the table warmers and shearling cushions. Additionally, since I’ve always used moist heat neck rolls, but now cannot, I have upgraded to hot or cold use, lavender infused, neck warmers (thank you Sonoma Lavender for coming up with a solution!). Each client will have their own single use, disposable cover, and the neck warmers themselves will be sterilized with UV light in between clients. Fabric slippers have been replaced with comfy foam slippers, that can be disinfected after each use.  Your comfort and safety is my priority and I feel comfortable that I can offer both with these upgrades. 

– this pandemic has caused a lot of us to rethink how we do things, and also, given us an opportunity for growth. I am also pleased to announce that Sanitas Skincare has created a new DropShip program to give us all more options for keeping safe while still taking care of our skin!  You can text, email, or call me with your order, and for just a $5 handling fee, you can have your products shipped directly from the Sanitas warehouse, to your doorstep, with 3 free samples of goodies for your skin too! Shipping is also $5, but is waived by Sanitas if you spend more than $100 on any order. For orders over $200, I will cover the handling fee as well. 

What’s different? 

– spa linens had to go, for now, including blankets, fabric slippers, and heated neck rolls. I think I’ve solved those issues as best as I can for the moment, but if you run cold, please come dressed in layers. I will have warm or cold lavender neck wraps available for whatever suits your fancy that day though. 

– everyone will need to complete the COVID release form, and bring to your appointment, PRIOR to your appointment please. I will also make the link available in the online booking system welcome page, however the non-tech side of me hasn’t figured that yet, so you may get a text asking you to come up when clear and fill out the form once at your appointment).

– face masks, covering both the nose and mouth are required to be worn at all times while you are in the building or in the spa. I’ve discovered some of the masks ride high and make applying under eye pads a bit tricky, so if you’re having a lash, brow or eye area treatment, please be mindful of how high the masks ride up towards your eyes. 

– the facial steamer has been put on temporary administrative leave due to potential aerosol dispersal. 

– for the time being, I am not taking on new clients (with the exception of Permanent Makeup and tattoo removal clients who have been in the county for at least two weeks) or those here to vacation. That may change once the numbers begin to drop again, and while it is a rule for now, I may make exceptions after careful vetting and self imposed quarantines have been honored.

– If you have traveled outside of the state, please do not schedule an appointment until you have been back in the county for at least two weeks. Please. 

– in an effort to best protect all of us, I am asking clients to be mindful when scheduling their appointments. I am trying to save Tuesdays for my higher risk clients and Saturdays for my higher exposure clients (essential workers and medical personnel). That way the spa has time to sit, clean, with recirculated and purified air for two days in between those two groups. I realize that this is a big ask and may not be manageable for some, understandably, but if all of us at least try to look out for all of the rest of us, I think that gives us the best chance of proceeding safely, and giving us the best chance of going back to being fully reopened. We ARE all in this together. ❤️

– due to the increase in times needed to disinfect, including needing to have all bodies out of the spa for 6 minutes for a complete air turnover, I am asking everyone to update the credit card on file in the system for easier, faster check outs.

– the online system is also setup for ordering your retail products in advance, so that I may have them ready for you at check out, or for pick up. Product reservations are available through your online account with A Perfect Touch, and can be found within your profile.

– I have missed you all so much and am dying to hear all about your lives, your struggles, your triumphs, what you’ve become more appreciative of, and even your losses. Being here for your heart and soul is part of what I do too, and honestly, is one of the most rewarding parts of my “job.” ❤️ Unfortunately, for the time being, we will have to keep our time for catching up and sharing limited to during treatments, rather than in the lobby, in order to keep things running as smoothly and as punctually as possible, for everyone, and also, to keep potential aerosol contamination to a minimum in the front lobby. 

– please make sure your mobile number is updated in the online system, and please wait in your vehicle until I text that the spa is ready for you to come on in for some YOU time. I will come out to greet you, check your temperature, sanitize your hands and welcome you into the spa. 

Now, the fun stuff!

All inventory that has been in the spa during this shutdown is on sale now! All products are still guaranteed to be active and fresh.  I just need to move inventory to make room for some new products, which I cannot wait to share with you all (check FB and Instagram starting in September for sneak peaks and reveals!). Text, email, or voicemail your order, and I will have it all ready for pick up at your convenience. Every retail product currently in house, is on sale, while supplies last! 

– ALL Sanitas Skincare 10-25% OFF 

– ALL Fake Bake 10-20% OFF

– ALL Revitalash and RevitaBrow 10% OFF

– Blinc Brow Mousse, Colored Mascaras, Liquid and Gel Liners 20% OFF

– Blinc Mascara (black and brown), Eyeliner Pencils, and Brow Pencils 10% OFF

– Livra Stem Cell Renewal products 10% OFF

– Jane Iredale Lip products 20% OFF

Gee whiz! If you have made it this far, thank you! I had a lot of information to relay and only one real way to reach everyone at once. Thank you for your patience with the new “normal” at A Perfect Touch, and your extra patience with me and my hand. 🙏

Some of you may already know, but the extra wait time on reopening was largely due to continually changing regulations, which involved a lot of research, funding, and waiting on shipments of PPE that were back ordered for months, but also, because I managed to shatter some pretty important bones in my right hand. If you know me, you know I’m plagued by perfectionism in my craft, because I care, and also know that I always rush back to my work and my clients with healing and comfort being secondary. Neither of those things were possible with this injury, because of it being my right (dominant) hand, and my livelihood. This injury and the downtime due to COVID have given me the time to be working tirelessly behind the scenes though, researching new products, new treatments, new protocols, and gaining further education. 

I have another week of working on latex “skins” before I am ready to be performing permanent makeup services again, but am confident that I can provide all other services at the same level of perfectionism as before, starting now (in large part due to the amazing team of therapists at Axis Sports Medicine, Dr Ivo at SCR3, my very patient orthopedist and her team, and my amazingly patient and helpful little girl)! I will open up permanent makeup appointments starting the 1st week of September, and will have lots of examples of the types of permanent makeup I can do by then, which I will post to my new photo gallery (coming soon). I am currently taking appointments for Permanent Makeup Consultations now though. 

Please bear with me during the new normal. Protocols may change as regulations change but I promise to remain diligent with regulations and protocols in order to provide you the services you love, in an environment you’ll feel safe in. Your patience and loyalty have been invaluable to me during these most challenging of times for all of us. Really, just thank you to every one of you. 🙏 You all are the reason I get to have a “job” I am excited about, passionate about, and dedicated to. 🥰

Have courage and be kind to yourselves and to one another. We have all been through something we never imagined possible, but I have seen exceptional grace, kindness, and community, and choose to focus on how much better it can get, for all of us, because we ARE all in this together. 

Healthy wishes and cyber hugs all around!

I cannot wait to see you all again!

– Karyn

A Perfect Touch

610 East Main Street, Suite 14-D, Frisco, Colorado, 80443


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